The Sap-Ing-Sith revolution

The new super property right will revolutionize the landscape architecture of Thailand’s property industry. The Sap-Ing-Sith Act has been designed for foreign investments in the land of smile. Sooner or later it will lay to rest the ghosts of the past, called leasehold interest.

The Sap-Ing-Sith concept is limited to a 30-year period. It gives the serious foreign investor the option either to acquire legal ownership in Thai land through a well-designed corporate investment structure. Or to limit his investment strategy to a 30 year lifespan. Such pretty narrow lifecycle will have an impact on new property developments, the construction philosophy as well as property financing.

Undergraded property without land title (Chanote) will be widely uninfluenced from the new property legislation. Neither legal ownership can be acquired, nor a Sap-In-Sith can be registered.

This microsite provides a faithful record of published articles, new legal developments and everything around the Sap-Ing-Sith revolution. The portal website of the Bangkok investment law firm can be reached at “Sap-Ing-Sith – the disruptive foreign property investment structure“.